A New Year, A New Me?


Just one week after 2015 began, I wonder how many people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. According to the University of Scranton’s statistics, 75 percent of people stick with their resolutions through the first week. Six months go by, only 45 percent have stuck with it. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around again, only 8 percent have kept up with their resolutions.


I’ve been making New Year’s resolutions each year ever since I can remember. This is the same for about 45 percent of Americans. As far as the statistics are concerned, I’m in the 25 percent that give up in the first week.

Usually its because I set myself up for lofty goals without ever really creating a plan for following them through. “Exercise more” has frequently shown up on my lists. So has “eat healthier.” (Two out of 13 on usa.gov’s list of popular resolutions.) I’d look back through my journals to see what exactly I picked, but that means disturbing the cats curled up on my feet.

Last year, I had seven resolutions. Seven. It’s a ridiculous number, isn’t it? The ideal amount of goals is between three and five. Any more and we get distracted (or something like that).

Maybe we should just listen to Ron Swanson.

ron swanson_whole ass one thing

Basically, seven was way too much last year:

  1. Become vegetarian — eat fish occasionally. (Didn’t happen until September, but I’m counting it)
  2. Have an exercise routine — Aqua Zumba, walking, etc.
  3. Create a budget routine — spending fad after graduation.
  4. Write in journal at least once per week.
  5. Manage anxiety better.

  7. Find a full-time job.

Copied verbatim from my journal. I did achieve four of them. Self-five?

So as New Year’s Eve crept closer and closer, I began to wonder what resolutions I would set for myself in 2015. I knew I shouldn’t have seven. They had to be achievable. And I needed to be excited about each of them.

I settled on two resolutions, after much debate with my roommate’s cats (read: I talked and they slept):

  1. Continue to set three monthly goals. If a goal is completed, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the green mason jar.
  2. Read and review 50 books.

Sounds easy enough, right? We’ll see once February rolls around.

Yours in bitterness,


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